Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Products review: Dolce&Gabbana lipsticks

Even though make up products are the main tools for my job I'm not the type who goes around town to find the latest wonder of make up and skin care. I prefer mix and matching, and I usually test out new products by working with international teams during fashion week.

However, I recently took a job for Dolce&Gabbana cosmetics and I must say I'm well impressed with their lipsticks.
The whole range is good quality, shame they don't have a liquid foundation yet.
The price is not on the cheap side, orientated towards the classic milanese-chic lady.
The lipsticks are just great! They come in 2 types: classic and shine. The texture is amazing, so creamy and moisturising that it gives the lips an incredible soft appearance. But what excites me the most is the colours choice: honestly no sight of boring colours.
So far my favourite are: from the shine collection: fuchsia, precious, fascination, baby darling, magnifica and VIOLET. This last one is just amazing. I wouldn't have picked it by the look as it seems too violet..but once is on, OMG gorgeous. Because it's shiny and soft it gives the colour a modern touch, no pasty violet looks that makes you look100 year old.
From the classic collection: NUDE is just the best nude I've ever tried, not too beige, not too peach, perfect with the smokey look. On the reds: Scarlet, iconic and fire. DELICIOUS is an orange that I cannot describe...(you must have white teeth for this though). On the pinks CORAL is my favourite, followed by pink, shocking and provocative.
This is the link for you to have a look: get a taste of it, but to see the real colour and texture I'd recommend to go and try it.
Here where you can find Dolce&Gabbana make-up:

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

FANTASY MAKE-UP (inspiration from alice in wonderland)

Sometimes Make up is not just about beauty and trends...incredible make up designs are used in cinema and theatre to create characthers and name a few: alice in wonderland, avatar, edward scissorhands, lord of the ring, twilight, startreck..etc

Here some inspiring pictures:

and from the past....

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Lately I got to do some shows and presentations outside the fashion week season, for labels like:
Coming Soon by Yohji Yamamoto, See by Chloe, MCQ by Alexander McQueen, and Love Moschino.
Most of the time it was quite hardwork and fast but I still managed to take some backstage pictures.
I was the key make-up and Kilian Marin was the key hair.

Love Moschino

MCQ by A. McQueen

A day in paradise

Sometimes shooting on location can be quite difficult..two months ago we shot on a hill made of sand...
that looked like cement (once it was stuck under our shoes).....funny thing was that  I found some seashells
too ( ??) and we were not even at the seaside... was really cold,  we had piles of cemented sand stuck under our feet and the model had to stand half naked on top of the hill...
However..other times it can be lots of fun, and you get to go to beautiful places.
I can't "reveal" yet where these pics are from, until the shoot is published, but you can have a little taste of it: