Sunday, 15 March 2009

PUCCI AW 09/10

Fashion week has kicked in, lots of good energy around Milano.
My call time was 9:15 meeting the international MAC team for the PUCCI show, key make up artist LISA BUTLER, yippi! (I always wanted working with her).
The backstage was crowded with hairdressers and maquilleurs, brushes, hairdryers, hair extensions, crazy! It was very nice to find familiar faces: people I met during the London days, people met recently in Milan, people coming from America, Australia, Malasia met in the past fashion seasons, it was a great feeling!
Then Lisa arrives on her super high stilettos and it's time to play.
Lisa's assistants start distributing samples of make up that we re going to use, then it's demo time and we're all following every single details.
The make-up up look was meant to be very plain, since the clothes were quite full on they wanted the girls to look simple, almost boyish, yet fresh.
We applied first Strobe cream by Mac wich has a nice louminous, slightly shimmery finish and on top a thick-ish foundation. The trick was to apply the foundation gradually, layer on top of layer, tapping with the brush. In this way you get an even base, medium coverage without looking too heavy or mask-like.To set the foundation we used MAC mineral powder, great to seal the base. Very interesting way of doing the eyebrows: we kept the colour light or brown but not dark. We filled them in with a brush but instead of being a typical eyebrow brush we used a regular eyeshadow brush to achieve a soft stroke with little definition.
On the eyes only Strobe, brown mascara and a touch of brown eyeliner on the rim of the eyes. Strobe on the lips too.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


The September shows seem finished yesterday..I can still feel the vibe..and it's already happening's February, it's Milan fashion week.
The worries concerning the crisis affecting the fashion industry generated terrible forecasts and a frightened mood between us "the backstagers" which reminded me of the panic on a child 's face when the parents break the news that the trip to the funfair is cancelled...
But fear not..the show must go on...the telephone starts ringing and everybody is running around Milan, suitecasing all over the place.
I've started my fashion journey with Versace, not the actual show..."only" a presentation, strictly Private, for Mrs A.Wintour!!!
I met up before the call time for a cappuccino with lovely Kristen, who I got to know one and a half years ago, on exactly the same circumstance. We then go to one of the Versace's villas...and meet the rest of the hair and make-up team. The vibe was unusually relaxed, no drama, everybody was lovely! we even had time to take a long lunch break.
The look we created was very natural and clean: Mac face and body for the skin, for a very transparent effect. On the eyes brown eyeliner pencil slightly smudged in the corner and brown mascara.A touch of Taupe (blusher) by Mac on the socket. Taupe again under the cheecks to contour and a touch of 8 hour cream on the lips.
Everything went pretty smooth...the presentation was a success and we were going to be rebooked. fab!