Monday, 25 April 2016


The meaning flawless for some is synonymous of dream, goal, fantasy..
I've never really seen it as a dream or goal to achieve, for me it has always been a perfect result of my work, I create flawless looks, I make skins looking flawless.
Recently though I've been experiencing a situation of not-exactly-flawless skin on myself...and I totally empathise with people who suffers of skin break outs and other skin conditions.
I'm still searching for  the cause of this sudden change on my skin on what could be external causes (pollution, environment, allergies or sensitiveness to products) and internal (food allergies or intolerance, stress).
Luckily though thanks to my job and knowledge I can "cheat" and make my skin looking perfect,
and feel better about the way I look.
It may sound silly to some but really, a problematic skin can make you less confident, I forgot about this, since it hasn't happened to me since teenage time.
There are many many products in the market that can help you with this issue and I could make
a huge list but today I want to bring the attention to a brand which is very well known in the makeup artistry industry and less to the public: Kryolan - Professional Make up
I've known of Kryolan since my early days as make-up artist, I've trained in London and one of the first shops that you are linked to is  the Make up Mecca CHARLES FOX official distributor of Kryolan and always kept the brand on my mind. But then you are always invaded by new products, different brands, different needs and you end up forgetting...until last week
While  browsing in Milan I came across the new Kryolan shop in Piazza Fontana and really like it.
It's very reachable, right behind the Duomo, the staff is lovely  and has an excellent selection of products...which links me to the very purpose of this post: how to make the skin looking FLAWLESS!
This palette from Kryolan is the answer: The Dermacolour camouflage cream

It comes on a palette of 6 colours, 12 and even 24. You can also buy a single colour (refill package)
if that's what you need, or even palettes with smaller pans.

We (backstage Make up Artists) use it very often during the Fashion Shows to cover body imperfections as its' highly pigmented and covers very fast (tattoos, bruises, scars etc) plus it's waterproof so it can resist quite well to the multiple changes of clothes without staining.
It's also great for the face, again thanks to its pigments it perfectly cover spots and scars. By covering the individual imperfection it gives you a flawless skin result.
And when the skin doesn't need a stronger coverage you can also use it as a light cover foundation, with the right brush and amount. That's why i like it, it's multitask!
I bought the small palette during my very first make up course and then lost it during a job (as it happens unfortunately...) but thanks to my friend and fellow MUA Claudia Marchetti who told me wonders about it and I got into it again.

Here you can find the link with the technical info.

Kryolan has been going on for many years, here a bit of  HISTORY of the brand, which I really love and respect.

**** for Make up Artists check out their discount card policy