Monday, 30 May 2011


It is quite surprising after doing this job for many years discovering new techniques and's the beauty of this job though and I want to share it with there might be some like me who are not aware of it.
I was booked for an advertising photoshoot for a product called CICATRENE, which  makes your wounds heal.
My job was to make up the characters and to reproduce a little wound, it had to look fresh/ish, on the palm of a hand.
The first thing it crossed my mind was to go and get my special effects wax, which I use from time to time (quite rarely actually) on eyebrows plucking occasions......also because since I moved back to Italy I don't do very often TV or non-fashion advertising work....
Anyways I got my wax, solid fake blood , liquid fake blood , concealer, powder, greasy colours...
It seemed I was all ready..when the thought of me having nightmares trying to stick the wax on the palm of some-body's hand took I decided to pay a visit to the KRYOLAN shop in Milan and get some advice.
The lovely girl who runs it recommended to use Tuplast instead. It's much faster and easier to use and you can achieve a great result. I knew Tuplast already from the college days but somehow I thought it was just for herpes, beauty spots etc..
Well as it often happens on shoots I had very little time to do it  and in literally 5 mins my wound was done!
I was very impressed with myself and the client was too.
There's only one downside to the story: it's now forbidden to use Tuplast on the face. Anyway you can still use it on the body and they sell an alternative product for the face.