Thursday, 9 June 2011


Since lots of you made this request I've decided to write about the make up trends for this fabulous upcoming season, with some special tips on how to achieve the looks. I did some research from the catwalk shows and we can tell there's a bit of a variety on trends, which makes it even more fun!
Clothes wise the key world for spring summer is certainly COLOUR!  from blue to pink, green, purple, yellows, a TUTTI FRUTTI colourful season!
Also the top MUAS got their multi colours palettes out and painted eyes and lips à la Renoir.
We still see some "au naturel" and smokey eyes which are always an evergreen, but what I like the most is the silver and gold trend, I love it, it reminds me of  the goddesses from the Ancient  Greek Literature.
So let's start from this last one : three names: PRADA, ANNA SUI, RODARTE, they all went for the shiny look.
Prada combined  the metallic silvery eyes with thick, marked eyebrows and 20's hairstyle to give the girls a sultry-retro yet modern look.

 Anna Sui went for a much  simpler version of it leaving the gold to speak for itself.

Rodarte chose a sophisticated metallic effect by painting gold lips and tinting fake lashes in gold = GENIUS

How to adapt the silver/gold look to your summer look
As we all know the catwalk looks are inspirational and set the trends but for an everyday/evening look we're not going to reproduce them identically, instead we re going to use the key element and introduce it to our make-up routine. In this case the main element is the gold/silver so I'd start with  an immaculate base with a tinted moisturiser or light (texture) foundation, possibly luminous finish.
Apply your silver or gold eyeshadow, you can use any type of eyeshadows: liquid, loose pigments or regular pressed eyeshadow. 
Bourjois does a gorgeous silver which you can use dry or wet (wet is FAB), while Daniel Sandler 's eye delight loose eye shadow in pinkgold is just perfect for your goldy nites.
Add lots of mascara and kohl eyeliner on the rim of the eyes.
Eyebrows filled in, bronzer to sculpt your cheekbones for the gold look.
A much colder blusher if you go for the silver eyes, you  can add some silvery highlighter for the ultimate chiseled cheekbones.
Transparent super glossy lips and your goddess look is done.