Friday, 26 September 2008



Wednsday 17th of september 2008, day 4 of London Fashion Week.

I had 2 shows planned for the day with Charlotte Tilbury : Armand Basi One and Jenny Pachkam.

The look that Charlotte created for Armand Basi One was quite natural, simple and elegant. The strong feature were the eyebrows, beautifully groomed and shaped.

Flawless skin with a soft touch of blusher on the cheeks and contouring to create amazing cheekbones.

The eyes were softly defined with matt brown colour on the socket of the eyes and along the bottom lashes line. In the corner shimmery gold powder to open up.Curled lashes and brown mascara.

Shimmery whiteish powder along the nose and on the bow of the lips.

We do the last touch ups on the line and we're soon off to
the BFC Tent for the Jenny Pachkam show.

"My" model for the JENNY PACHKAM show.

I loved the make up that Charlotte designed for JP show!
Pink, Lilac and Silver were the main colours. The girls looked like little fairies.

Starting with a flawless even base we made sure the skin looked perfect and fresh.On the eyes shimmery cream lilac and violet.

We then applied pink blusher which started from the socket of the eyes going down the cheek without covering the apple of the cheeks, in a way that the final shape would look like a little butterfly.

Charlotte wanted to create a soft look but with a bit of edge, so we added some eyeliner in the corner of the eyelid and then smudged it. Black khol on the rim of the eye. Lots of silver in the inside corner. Ultra curled lashes and layerS of mascara. Natural brows, natural lips.

At the very end we added gloss on the eyelids which looked beautiful under the lights.

The show was gorgeous: pinks, oranges, corals, glittery bits, sparkling stones, roses and ribbons, fairytale like.


On Tuesday morning, 3rd day of London Fashion Week I went to the Royal Opera House to work for the Ashley Isham show, the lead make up artist was Charlotte Tilbury. How exciting!
The look that Charlotte designed was colorful, literally. The inspiration was 70's disco.
The colours that we used were pale blue, red, green, (all matt) and shimmery gold on the inside of the corner. We applied them without blending, almost like we were randomly painting the eyes, except it wasn't that random, the girls had to look beautiful, so we had to take into consideration their features and the eye shape.
Beautiful skin, shimmer on the cheekbones, natural lips.

Here some images from the show:

Monday, 22 September 2008


London Fashion Week started officially on the 14th of September 2008 with Georgina Harley Smith show.
I was part of the Daniel Sandler team and loved the beautiful look that Daniel designed. The eyes were emphasised by gorgeous metallic colours, shimmery gold on the corner of the eyes and strong eyebrows. The lips remained pale and the skin was even and fresh. Sharp and flickey black eyeliner and curled lashes with a thin layer of mascara.
The girls looked like coulorful peacoks!
Here some pictures:

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

shooting for Chellozone - June 2008 -

The shoots for Zone Horror - Chellozone channels was so much fun! I haven't used my special effects skills since college and I was quite impressed with the results. Here some images during the filming:

and some of the final promos:

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

ICONS - part 2...

Princess Diana


Sofia Loren

Theresa Russell

Isabella Rossellini

Monica Vitti


While researching for my next job I came across pictures of beautiful women who have been (and some of them are still now) icons, and decided to share this with you.
For a make up artist researching is a crucial part of the job. Getting the right references it's important if the theme of the job is a particular decade or era, or to create a new make up look you can get inspired by a video, or a film, a painting, a sculpture, anything really. The brief for a job could be a certain trend or fashion i.e. shoot with a 80's french vogue feel, or Marie Antoinette and la courte de versailles, Italian vogue vs ID etc.

Here the beautiful icons:

Marilyn Monroe

Elizabeth Taylor


Brigitte Bardot

Audrey Hepburn

Grace Kelly

Friday, 5 September 2008


One of the reason why I love my job is because it varies all the time and it gives me the opportunity to meet interesting and amazing people.
Last May I had a phone call from the Marie Claire office and was asked to do the make up for Marie O'Riordan, the Editor of the magazine. Marie was going to be the main judge on Britain's Missing Top Model a new series for BBC3.
Working for a reality Tv series was a great experience, especially because Britain's Missing Top Model was a new interesting concept in which 8 disabled girls competed for the chance to win a four-page photo spread in the U.K. edition of Marie Claire magazine with top fashion photographer Rankin. It's the perfect chance to see if the fashion industry with its standards and cliches is ready to open its doors to a disabled model.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

make up brands updating

One of my favourite brands is Daniel Sandler cosmetics.
I love to work with DS products because they re easy to use and you can get great results. The formulas are simple and the product itself is straightforward.
And I don't say it only because Daniel is my friend or because I used to sell the brand at Urban Retreat...I truly believe in it!.

At UR doing Emily's make up



Yesterday I worked for the look book of Elizabeth Lau new collection, up and coming designer from London. Check out her website:

Here my magic tools...

....and lovely Aiko

...with his magic ones.

The photographer was the talented Annie Bundfuss

The model was Rachel Cairns who also was in the running for Britain's next top model 4


..and some vibrant colours used for the looks.

Rachel and I playing silly..

It was a very productive day, we got 14 shots and managed to finish on time with beautiful images.