Friday, 26 September 2008


On Tuesday morning, 3rd day of London Fashion Week I went to the Royal Opera House to work for the Ashley Isham show, the lead make up artist was Charlotte Tilbury. How exciting!
The look that Charlotte designed was colorful, literally. The inspiration was 70's disco.
The colours that we used were pale blue, red, green, (all matt) and shimmery gold on the inside of the corner. We applied them without blending, almost like we were randomly painting the eyes, except it wasn't that random, the girls had to look beautiful, so we had to take into consideration their features and the eye shape.
Beautiful skin, shimmer on the cheekbones, natural lips.

Here some images from the show:

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Liiy34 said...

Im loving what Charlotte Tilbury did with the eye make up in london fashion week.

I'd love to be adventurous like that.

Came across Avon's website and they have these wicked eye shadow transfers, it looks quite easy and simple.