Wednesday, 9 September 2009


More pictures from my archive, just to keep you warm before the new season's shows.
These ones are from the Atelier 1 show AW08-09, I was the key MUA

The collection was beautiful, earthy colours like olive green, brown, and grey were predominant with a touch of shiny silver from time to time, sparkling like a lake in the middle of a forest.
At the make up test the designer was looking for something bright, like a splash of colour. Originally I thought about some vivid colours on the eyes but then we decided that it didn't matter where it was placed, it had to be there somewhere, like a colorful fashion accessory.

A clean delicate and beautiful base was a must, to enhance the colours
I was going to put afterward. I have used Perfect Canvas, a very nice smooth liquid base with a hint of luminosity, Hide It concealer and Invisible Blotting Powder, all by Daniel Sandler Cosmetics

On the eye sockets and at the bottom of the eyelids a soft stroke of Taupe (blusher) by MAC . Taupe again under the cheeckbones for a bit of definition.
Eyebrows filled in only the necessary, and fake lashes (medium, not thick ones).

On the lips just a touch of concealer applied with fingertips (tons of lipbalm required to prevent them from looking dry).

Then we applied the bright colours:for the eyes (green and blue) we used a selection of eyeshadows from different brands, while for cheeks and lips (pink, orange, yellow and lilac) we used water based colours, the ones you use for facepainting ( GRIMAS are my favorite.

To add some "catching the light" effect we applied at the very end some vaseline on eyelids and cheeckbones, et voila'! the look is done.

It was a great experience, being in charge was a big responsability but also very rewarding. I couldn't have done it without the help of my marvellous "affectionados" from the Daniel Sandler team: Kathrine O'Neill, Heather White and Trevor Killean(

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