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It's the second day of LFW and it was meant to be a day off...when at the last minute I 'm asked to assist Lisa Eldridge for the Osman Yousefada show!! great, couldn't ask for more. I've never worked with Lisa before but i heard amazing things about her.
And all I've heard was true...not only she's an amzing artist but sh'e s also a kind, patient and beautiful!
In the backstage area was real crazy! It was the first year at the Somerset House, the place was beautiful...packed with fashionistas, photographers and press...unfortunately they gave us the wrong call time..well the actual call time was right but they let us in with an hour delay...which meant less time to do everything...
Lisa kept working very calm and focused, giving us a good vibe and positive energy.
In the end we did all the girls, they looked amazing  and the show was a success!
The make-up look had a late 80's early 90's reference, which matched with a long sleek pony tail  would just give you the impression of having a deja vu...of Linda and Naomi working the catwalk!

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As mentioned the look was 80's/90's so quite full on.
The base had a matte finish, no shimmer or shine. The coverage was normal, not see through or light.
Watching Lisa doing the eyes was a pleasure..she literally did it in 2 minutes...I've been doing this job for quite a while but I've never seen anybody so fast and precise all in once!
We used black eyeshadow with black khol for the inside of the eyes and a touch of irridescent blue/ lilac eyeshadow to apply at the end, on top of the eyelid. The shape was a little elongated, sharp, cat-eye like, with full colour. Eyeshadow on the bottom of the yelid too, for a smokey feel.
The eyebrow were filled in, following the natural shape.
No blusher on the cheeks, just contouring under the cheekbones.
On the lips we used a non coloured lip base to create a "deleted" effect.

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