Thursday, 9 April 2015


Pale chic, sophisticated yet easy to achieve

A while ago I was asked to describe the look I created for the Elena Miro' presentation of the new Spring 2015 collection.
The article is published now on
This is the link:, but since it's written in italian I'm going to translate it on this page.

The Focus is on the skin, a soft look but super chic, easy to recreate and  it guarantees 
a great impact.

The hero of  Spring 2015 make-up trends is a delicate look, extremely chic and sophisticated.
The skin is luminous with a "bonne mine" touch.
Elena Miro' choses a nice and soft look for the shots of the Spring collection, we asked the Make-Up Artist Chiara Guizzetti how to recreate this elegant look.
So here we have a step by step tutorial.
  • Firts step is to apply on the skin, immaculately clean and super moisturised a mattifying primer, before your foundation, to even out the skin tone and make it perfectly smooth. Remember to apply on the neck zone too with the tip of your fingers.
  • With a foundation brush start applying a luminous light coverage foundation and follow with a concealer for little blemishes and a highlighting concealer under the eyes. To give the skin a fresh young look add a cream blusher on the apple of the cheeks, temples, chin and tip of the nose.
  • To define the eyes work between the lash line with a gel based or cake eyeliner, create a very fine line which will give the intensity to the lashes without screaming eyeliner!
  • On the eyelid apply a cream based matt eyeshadow, choose colours like taupe, or light brown or beige. With a soft ponytail brush blend it from the eyelid to the socket. following the eyeshape without leaving harsh lines.
  • Mascara needs to be non-heavy-duty, a simple black defining mascara applied from roots to tips.
  • Fill in the eyebrows if needed and a make lips super soft with lip balm.

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