Saturday, 2 January 2010


The Paul Smith show was full of colours and fun!
The clothes had an ethnic influence, splashed with pastel colours, jungle-esque mood.


The hair look consisted in a very tight chignon with a "madeofplaits- flower shape-crown" at the top.

The make up look was  simple yet effective.
Petros Petrohilos was the chief MUA; with his  transparent base made the girls skin looking fresh and natural. A touch of  NARS Multiple stick in St Barts under the cheek bones and on the socket of the eyes and....FULL ON COLOUR on the lips. Matt orange, purple, blue and green were the colours. No lipstick but lip and eye liners instead, for a strong impact.
Since we used pencils  we applied lots of vaseline befere hand, to avoid the lips to look dry and cracky. To achieve a very intense colour we applied  several layers, this way you make the look strong, being the lips the only feature. A washed effect wouldn't have been the same. It's details like this that make the difference when you design a make up look.

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Everything went smooth...apart from a model having a crisis followed by big time tears..right after I finished doing her make-up....this is the crazy fashion world for you!!

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