Monday, 25 January 2010


The last day of two amazing weeks of fashion was at the Versace Theatre, where we prepared the models for 2 private super exclusive presentations: one for A. Wintour and later in the evening for Suzy Menkez.

It was very excting to meet Kristopher Kane and his siter Tammy who revamped the Versus line with a new fresh and young collection.

Here the picture of Donatella and Kristopher with the girls.

......and the article that Suzy Menkes wrote for the NY Times:


Published: September 27, 2009

MILAN — “It is emotional for me,” said Donatella Versace as she viewed the plinths displaying scarlet dresses snapped with multi-colored safety pins and inserts of metal mesh — all created in tandem with the British designer Christopher Kane.

For Ms. Versace, the reincarnation of her personal Versus line, revealed Sunday, was a sweet memory of the early 1990s when her brother, Gianni, encouraged her creativity.

And the fact that Mr. Kane works with his sister, Tammy, was another piquant link between past and present.

“He’s a volcano of ideas,” Ms. Versace said. “He knows how to dress a woman’s body and he looks at young people and the young world, and that’s the future.”

Mr. Kane, 27, recalled how he was mesmerized as a pre-teen by the Versus boutique in his native Glasgow and how he went through the “labyrinth” of archives to find fresh inspiration for this collection.

The Versus collaboration seemed a perfect fit — literally in the cute, full-skirted dresses and figuratively in the match with Gianni Versace’s heritage. Using cut-out Neoprene lace to decorate finely pleated skirts and hanging his dresses on form-fitting bustiers, the Kane/Versus presentation looked right.

As for those strategic Versace safety pins that held together Elizabeth Hurley’s dress — and launched her career — Mr. Kane turned them into multi-colored embellishment for dresses and shoes. His own addition was cut-out sleeves hanging by straps. Yet the collection was never come-on or super sexy — rather a sleek and chic amalgam of Versus vintage and new. "

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