Thursday, 15 April 2010


It was to my great surprise that while walking on the streets of Milan I've noticed the BIODERMA Crealine H2O make-up remover on a pharmacy window near Brera. It might sound perfectly normal to you..but you must know that even though this is the most popular make-up remover between the make up artists circle up to not long ago it was sold in only one pharmacy in the whole of Milan, precisely in the pretty Farmacia  in Corso Porta Ticinese.
Well finally it seems to have reached other places near the city centre. Hurrah!
Shame that the price is still huge compared to France. For the small bottle you pay 13 Euro which is exactly what you pay in France for the double sized one. Never mind..we all know that at the shows you MUST have it or... models will simply keep away from you and colleagues will give you "that" look.
Another good reason for using it is that is very gentle on the skin, great even for the most sensitive, it's not at all oily (it looks and feel like water) and gets rid fast of face and eyes make-up.

It's definitely on my TOP 10 list of products that a MUA should have on the kit.

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