Tuesday, 9 February 2010


We never stop learning...
For years I believed that no matter what a lipgloss is a lipgloss i.e. very different from a lipstick, and  because of it's texture and it's nature it's bound to come off and doesn't last very long.
So I never believed in super long lasting formulas etc etc..until I tried the TRUCCO's one.
Dear make up lovers that TRUCCO lipgloss is amazing!. I used it on a shoot on location where the model where standing on the top of  a hill and I couldn't reach her too often...each time I had a chance I was running to her to retouch her lips..to find out that I didn't need to, the gloss was still there, immaculate, on his deepest cherry colour. And there's a bonus: it smells delicious!
Now...the bad news is that I don't know  where I can find this brand in Italy. . TRUCCO is the make up line of SEBASTIAN HAIR CARE. I've managed to get that gloss a while ago from a collegue in the UK..but I've heard  that sadly the brand has been disontinued.
I will definitely investigate to find out if it's true, in the meantime I'll give you a couple of links wher you can purchase them:
and last but not least the good old ebay


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