Friday, 19 February 2010


I was the key make up artist for the CANALI show at Milan Fashion Week men, and everything went deliciously smooth!
The backstage area was massive, people were lovely, models not too difficult and the hair key was a dear friend of mine, I couldn't ask for more.

Make up wise it was very simple.Working with the most talented international make up artists has thought me that the less is better.
So with the help of my lovely assistants I prepared the skin with a nice hydrating yet mattifying moisturiser and fixed the beard/stub where it wasn't even.
To follow a very nice and thin layer of face and body by MAC, concealer on imperfections and a tiny bit under the eyes (the guys had to look elegant and groomed but not overdone).
Powder and blotting tissues at the end for touch ups on the line.

The show itself was spectacular! it opened with amazing  sand drawing of  Kseniya Simonova, from which the models themself were coming out.
Here the videos:

For more pictures and details check out this  very interesting blog!

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